BMW Audio Upgrade,1,2,3,4,Z4,5,6,7,8, M, i and X Series


BMW Audio Upgrades, 1,2,3,4,Z4,5,6,7 and X Series,  Now covering all G Chassis models including ID7 and ID8 now with digital integration!!! 

All of the later style BMW models, ie, E60, E70, E90 onwards, share an almost identical audio set up. There are a pair of 6” woofers under the front seats and a pair of 4” mid range speakers fitted in the front door cards. In the back there are a similar set of 4” mid range speakers, model dependent.

The speakers under the seats are driven from the radio, no amplification, no crossovers; there is just a capacitor on the back of the mid range in the doors to get rid of the low frequencies. Most people are disappointed to say the least with the sound quality of the standard audio system, comments such as “no bass”, “no detail”,” muddled” and “distorted” are not uncommon.

BMW began using this speaker platform back in 2005 with the new 3 and 5 series models.  At first the set up was a little daunting but we focused on finding a solution and eventually began to embrace and have now completely fallen in love this platform. After years of re-developing and fine tuning the setup we now believe this configuration can give better results than more conventional speaker layouts, one of the big advantages is being able to actually get the bass up front.

BMW Audio Upgrades have become the backbone of our business, over the last couple of years other car audio installers have began following our lead and offering their own similar upgrades, some even using the same system names and web section titles; they are simply not the same.

Our Demo Car.

The demo car, a G80 M3 has our "System 3 Morel" fitted, this is based around the System 3 Plus but uses Morel front speaker, under seat subs and the Forza amplification, this car also benefits from a space saving "custom" sub woofer. The System 3 Morel is our flagship OEM look upgrade with all speakers in factory locations, The fitted cost of the System 3 Morel is £3999, the digital interface (highly recomended) is £599 and the "Custom Subwoofer" is £1899.

This is one of the best sounding systems we have ever put together in an OEM style installation, the BMW G80 is availble most of the time for demo, strictly by Appointment.

If you are  thinking of upgrading, you must hear our demo M3, You will not regret it, if after that you don't want to go ahead there is no obligation at all; worst case you get to listen to some good music for a while!

We have formulated our upgrades so we have a solution for every budget, the details of our upgrade systems are detailed below.

BMW Audio Upgrade System 1

The first thing we upgrade in any BMW are the front door speakers, unless you have one of the factory upgrades, you would have ended up with some of the worst sounding speakers ever fitted by a car manufacturer, not what you would expect from BMW.

The highly acclaimed Focal ES100K are, in our experience, the best 4” components available for the BMW. They use a beautifully engineered, cast alloy chassis, with a powerful yet tiny neodymium magnet, allowing for perfect fitment behind the factory grill, given the depth restrictions in all models. The tweeters are fitted in the factory locations and we will fit the BMW factory tweeter grills to maintain a completely OE look. Everything in the door is controlled by the Focal ES100K two-way passive crossovers fitted behind the door panel. We use around 3 sheets of Dynamat Extreme as well as Skinz Pro soundproofing in each door (model dependent) This is absolutely essential; if the doors are not acoustically treated you might as well install the speakers in a tin can. This is a very time consuming process but worth every minute spent.

Remember we are using the the hi-end Focal ES100K components, the best 4" speaker available in our opinion, not the IF-BMW range designed for quick or DIY fitment. 

The BMW System 1 takes around 6 hours to install and costs from £799 plus the BMW Tweeter Grills which vary in cost, model dependent


Focal 100 KRS fitted to the BMW door panel, the door card is sound proofed using Dynamat Extreme The Focal tweeter housing is modified and then flushed into the triangle, it's then re-textured and the tweeter fitted, the finish is beautiful and very factory

The images above show the Focal ES100K fitted to the BMW door panel, the back of the door card is sound proofed using Dynamat Extreme, as is the inside of the door cavity, this is a light weight but very effective product. The cables are loomed in Tessa Tape, this is a product used to protect the factory loom, it stops vibration and keeps everything very neat. We have added the factory BMW tweeter grill for a totally OE look.


BMW Audio Upgrade System 2

The next level of upgrade is the System 2. Firstly we carry out a system 1 upgrade, exactly as above, once the speakers are in place we separate the door speakers from the under seat subs by running all new speaker cables. This allows the system to be run half actively, the amplifier used to drive the system is the Audison SR 4.500v2, this is a very powerful 4 channel Class D amplifier. Now the Focal components can be driven in high pass mode and the factory subs can be driven in low pass mode.

JL Audio XD500/3 fitted discreetly under the boot floor in a 1 series BMW JL Audio XD500/3 fitted behind the boot trim in an F10 5 series

We then install a sub level control in the pocket by the driver’s knee or another handy position to allow adjustment of the sub woofers depending on the music you are listening to and of course, your mood.

bmw jl remote sub level controller

There is no other way to describe this system, other than a complete transformation, the front sound stage is now open and musical while the factory sub woofers produce a quite extended, tuneful and rhythmic bass.

The cost of a System 2 is from £1599 fitted, plus the BMW Tweeter Grills.


BMW Audio Upgrade System 3, Z4, i3 and i8 Notes apply.

The next upgrade is to really sort out the bass, in a System 3 we carry out all of the work in a System 2 plus the extra work below. 

We remove the two 6” drive units under the seats, modify the enclosures and install a pair of 8” Audison Prima BMW specific sub woofers in their place. This upgrade gives considerably better bass than the factory drivers, the bass is tighter with much better extension and of course bags of output should you want it. They may be only 8" drivers but they produce real bass. We have auditioned every BMW specific fit subwoofer we can get our hands on and we truly believe the Audison Prima woofers are currently the best available. Come and hear them for yourself. 

This picture shows the factory grill under the driver’s seat 

The first photo shows the factory grill under the driver’s seat.  We are able to modify this grill so it can be refitted over the new Audison subwoofers without effecting or fouling the sub in any way. The grill is needed to keep debris away from the drive unit which will vibrate and eventually damage the cone. The second photo shows the BMW enclosures removed and modified with the upgraded Audison subwoofers fitted. They are carefully sealed before re installing under the seats.

BMW System 3 can be fitted in just a day, we do need a little notice as it’s a full day’s work for two technicians.

The cost of a System 3 is from £2099 plus the BMW Tweeter Grills.

NOTE:  The Z4, i3 and i8 has a different woofer set up to the other models, please get in touch for details 

BMW System 2 "Plus" and BMW System 3 “Plus”

If you want to take your car audio to the next level, you might consider our "Plus" Options.In this option we swap out the Audison SR amplifier for a Audison Forza 12.14BIT, this is a very powerful amplifier with a built in DSP, this allows for De-Equalization of the factory head unit as well as time alignment and a EQ all set up individually using a laptop by our engineers at the end of the installation. Your audio system will literally be "tuned" perfectly to your car.

If you enjoy your domestic Hi-Fi, then you will know how important it is to sit in the "sweet spot". This makes a huge difference to the sound stage and overall realism of the music reproduction. By time aligning the front speakers in the car we are able to re-create the "sweet spot" effect from the driver's seat position.

The results are incredible, the sound stage is projected forward and upwards, instruments are positioned in the correct locations and vocals will sound as if they are being voiced from the middle of the dash, exactly where they should be.

The sound of your audio system is a personal thing, for this reason we are more than happy to re-tune your system in the future; re-tunes are always complimentary.

Our demo cars are set up to demonstrate the difference in sound with and without a DSP at the push of a button.

This shows an Audison BIT 10 mounted behind the dash of an E92 M3 Audison BIT 10 fitted to a BMW 5 series F10

The images above show the amp and  DSP mounted on custom fabricated panels, this avoids drilling the bodywork of the vehicle, the panels are generally bonded in position and the new electronics are then screwed in place. The images above are  of a 5 series and  an X5.


The total cost of a System 2 Plus is £2499 plus the cost of the BMW Tweeter Grills

The total cost of a System 3 Plus is £2999 plus the cost of the BMW Tweeter Grills.


The Audison Forza DSP amplifier has a DRC controller, this can be used to change the listening position from driver focus to neutral focus, just in case you want to impress your passenger, it can also be used to adjust the subwoofer level which can be very handy depending on the music you are listening to. The DRC can be mounted in the ash tray area or in the armrest for a more discrete installation.

*NEW for 2022* BMW System 3 Utopia.

Following the incredible sucsess of the Audifile BMW Audio Upgrade Solutions we have designed a new flagship Hi-Fi built without comprimise, its a step up from the System 3 Plus taking advantage of the Focal Utopia tweeters, these are renound for being one of the best sounding tweeters in the car audio world, they will be installed in Custom A-Pillars in each besboke installation, Image below.

The System 3 Utopia is a fully active system for even more control and accuracy.

The system is now available for demonstration at our showroom in Bishops Stortford and one listen will change your perseption of car audio forever, Strictly by appointment only, 

The total fitted cost of the System 3 Utopia is from £5499.


What if my car has Harman Kardon ?

If your BMW has HK, its no problem for us to upgrade at all, in fact, ultimately, although a little more involved, a HK equipped vehicle will produce even better sound quality than a non HK vehicle.

The BMW 3,4,Z4,5,6 7 and 8 Series all have an optical connection between the infotainment system and the amplifier, the details below cover these vehicles.

In a car with HK, the audio data is output digitally, it is sent to the HK amplifier in the boot of the car via the MOST ring, this is an optical loop that connects the audio components in the vehicle together. By removing the HK amplifier and replacing it with a 24 BIT MOST Optical Interface, we are able to extract the audio data and send it optically to the Audison Forza 12.14BIT The audio data is kept in the digital domain as it moves through the system, the time alignment, equalisation and crossovers are all in the digital domain.

There are two system upgrade options for Optical Harman Kardon equipped vehicles:

The total cost of a BMW System 2 Plus with a 24 BIT MOST Optical Interface is £2999, This system uses the original Harman Kardon under seat subwoofers rather than the preferred Audison subwoofers.

The total cost of a BMW System 3 Plus with a 24 BIT MOST Optical Interface  is £3499.

If you would like the benefit of full digital transfer as above but you car does not have Harman Kardon, we can re-code your car for HK and add the fibre optics. Please call for further details.

PLEASE NOTE, we now have  have a Digital Interface for late G Chassis BMW`s fitted with ID7 or ID8 this is availble from June 2023, Dont forget we do have a G80M3 on site with a System 3 Morel fitted, the fitted cost of the System 3 Morel is £3999 or £4499 with full digital integration .This is an upgraded version of our incredibly popular System 3 Plus, if you have a G Chassis car you should book a demonstration.

The BMW 1, 2, X1 and X2 Series have an analogue connection from the infotainment system to the amplifier, therefore the 24 BIT MOST Optical Interface Is not needed.

The two system upgrade options for analogue HK cars are as follows:

BMW System 2 Plus from Analogue HK is £2499, This uses the original Harman Kardon under seat subwoofers rather than the Audison subwoofers

BMW System 3 Plus from Analogue HK is £2999.


Other Useful BMW Audio Information and Upgrade Options. 

Although from the factory there are several audio options, Base Audio, Advanced Audio and HK, the BMW iDrive itself remains physically the same, it is however "coded" differently by BMW. 

If the car has "Base Audio" then the iDrive actually powers the car speakers, the output is heavily equalised to boost bass and treble to help compensate for the poor speaker performance.

If the car has "Advanced Audio" from the factory then the output from the iDrive is a much cleaner signal without the nasty equalisation.

If the car has "HK", then its either an optical output from the iDrive as explained above or in the 1 and 2 series its a very good quality analogue output. 

What does this mean?? This means that if you have a BMW with "Base Audio" Its a huge advantage to have the car coded to "Advanced Audio" This can be completed while we have your car in our workshop, The cost of coding is just £99, making it a very worth while upgrade, this additional upgrade is compatible with the System 2, System 3, System 2 Plus and System 3 Plus.

What if I want more BASS ?

No problem at all, whilst most people are very happy with the bass from a System 3 or a System 3 Plus, some people are looking for something a little harder hitting, that`s why we developed the "Party Sub"
The "Party Sub" is formed as combination of the Audison SR500.1 producing 800 watts RMS to drive the JL Audio 13TW5v2 slim line, hi-output subwoofer. The "Party Sub" produces extremely tight accurate bass, we have this fitted to a demo car so you can experience the effect for your self, the fitted cost is £1799. This also includes extra sound proofing work to the boot area.

We have completed over 1500 BMW Audio Upgrades since 2005 so we are pretty experienced and our systems are incredibly reliable, we use only the best electronics, interconnects, fuse holders, cables and terminals. If in the unlikely event there is ever an issue with our one of our systems we include a 3 year warranty on all the hardware and a life time warranty on our installation.

Please note, damage to a speaker by over-driving is not covered by warranty, this is of course quite difficult to do, if you should get carried away we do have a heavily subsidised speaker replacement program in place for getting your system healthy again.

Please click the links below for short video demonstrations of some of our BMW Upgrades.

Audiofile-Incar BMW Upgrades Explained in Detail.

BMW G82 M4 Audio Upgrade

BMW G80 M3 Morel Audio Upgrade

BMW M3 Full Audison / Focal DA Hi-Fi System.

BMW Z4 BMW System 3

BMW System 3 Plus to F30 3 Series

BMW F15 fitted with Audiofile System 3 Plus.

BMW M140i System 1 and Reverse Camera

BMW F30 Reverse Camera

BMW M3 System 3 Plus, Stinger, Ghost and More.

Audiofile-Incar typical day in the workshop.

We post daily images of our installations on Instagram, use the link below to visit our page and give us a follow:



All of our BMW Audio Upgrades are compatible with the following BMW chassis types: 3 Series & M3, E90 Saloon, E91 Touring, E92 Coupe, E93 Convertible, E93, F30 Saloon, F31 Touring, F34 Gran Turismo, F35 Saloon, F80 M3, BMW 4 Series & M4, F32 Saloon, F33 Touring, F36 Gran Coupe, F82 M4 Coupe, F83 M4 Convertible, BMW 5 Series & M5, E60, E61 Touring, F07 Gran Turismo, F10, F11 Touring, G30 Saloon, G31 Touring, BMW 6 Series & M6, E63 Coupe, E64 Convertible, F06 Gran Coupe, F12 Convertible, F13 Coupe, BMW 7 Series E65, E66, F01 Saloon, F02 Saloon, F03 Saloon, F04 Active Hybrid, G11 Saloon, G12 Saloon, BMW X1, E84 Coupe, F48, BMW X2, F47, BMW X3 Series, E83, F25, BMW X4 & X4M, F26, BMW X5 & X5M, E70, F15, F85, BMW X6 Series & X6M, E71, F16, F86 M, F22 Coupe, F23 Touring, F45, F46 Gran Touring, M235i Coupe, F87 M2 Coupe and Z4, we also have a solution for the i8 which we are happy to discuss with you in person.

If you are in any doubt about compatibility please feel free to give us a call and we can answer your questions.

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