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Welcome back to the Defender section of our web site, 2022 has seen massive growth in Defender modification and we have quickly established our selves as one of the best modifiers in the industry. Our 27 years of automotive electronics experience combined with our passion for car audio and relentless attention to detail have really paid dividend. We have many new products as we head into 2018 and will add them to the web site as soon as possible. We offer a massive selection of professionally fitted modifications for the Defender, including full sound proofing, audio upgrades, double DIN sat-nav conversions, KBX grills, wheel and tyre packages, LED light upgrades, split charge systems and VGS Glass conversions.

Due to the popularity of our Defender Builds, We are now booking for Spring 24. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the latest, detailed price list.

The standard deposit for all Defender builds is a minimum of £500, Some special order items may also require up front payment, once this is in place you will receive the booking conformation and courtesy car reservation from us via e-mail. 

The image above shows the huge MUD3Y, our custom build Defender 90 with a 4.6 v8 engine conversion, its an awesome machine and its equipped with almost every accessory you can imagine, including our brand new "Ultimate Hi-Fi" Package.

MUD3Y parked opposite a standard height Defender build we had just completed, gives an idea of its dimensions!

Below we have listed just a few of our most popular products and modifications.

Land Rover Defender Ultimate Audio Package.

The Ultimate Audio package has been designed to bring true Hi-Fi sound quality to the Land Rover Defender, We use a full 3 way component set up front, that`s the Focal ES100K 2 way components in the dash top and bottom but with an additional 16.5cm Focal mid bass woofer built into the front of the seat box.

The seat box is heavily sound proofed to act as a speaker enclosure. The reason for the extra mid bass driver is to fill the gap in frequency response that always occurs when you have a 4" speaker in the dash and a subwoofer behind. The system is driven by an Audison SR5.600v2 amplifier. The Focal ES100K components are driven by two channels, the Focal 16.5cm mid bass woofers are driven by two channels and the JL Audio subwoofer is driven my the final mono channel of the amp. This Active / Passive set up gives stacks of mid bass and lots of control to achieve a very linear response. 

In a 90 the JL Audio sub woofer is mounted on the rear of the centre console, in a 110 the sub woofer is normally mounded under the middle row seating, or on the rear of the console if you prefer.

Component list:

Focal ES100K 10cm mid and tweeter package (front components)
Focal ES165K 16.5cm mid bass drivers (front of seat box)
Focal 130AC 13cm coaxial rear speakers
Audison SR5.600v2 channel class D power amplifier
JL Audio CP106 Compact, hi-output console mounted subwoofer (can be mounted under middle row seats in a 110)

 If you are looking for real Hi-Fi with bags of power, then the Ultimate Audio Upgrade is the choice for you, this system has been designed without compromise, this system has been derived from the design of our own demo vehicle audio setup.

 The fully fitted cost of the Ultimate Audio Upgrade is £2499 inc VAT

Land Rover Defender DSP Ultimate Audio Package

As above but with the added benefit of a Digital Sound Processor, this allows the system to be perfectly tuned to the vehicle with full time alignmend and digital crossovers. Preset DSP profiles allow for individual time alignment programs.

In this DSP system the Audison SR5600v2 is exchanged for the Audison Forza M5.11Bit, an extremly powerful digiatl amplifier with inbuild DSP.

The fully fitted cost of the DSP Ultimate Audio Package is £3199 inc VAT

Land Rover Defender Premium Audio Package.

Component list:

Focal ES100K 10cm mid and tweeter package (front components)
Focal 130AC 13cm Coaxial Rear Speakers
Audison SR4.500v2 channel class D power amp
JL Audio CP106 Compact, hi-output console mounted subwoofer

This is an absolutely incredible upgrade designed and proven by Audiofile-Incar for the Defender. The front end detail and sound quality rival some of the best audio systems we install, using Focal`s ES100K components, one of the best 4” component sets available on the market. The system is driven by the Audison SR4.500v2, an incredibly compact class D amp which is neatly installed under the driver’s seat in the dry box providing bags of punch and power to both the front speakers and the JL subwoofer. The award winning JL Audio CP106 uses the JL Audio W3 6” woofer in a high output tuned enclosure which mounts on the rear of the console in a 90 or under the rear seats in a 110 facing forwards.

This tiny subwoofer provides a rich and punchy bottom end that will bring a big smile to any audio enthusiast’s face without losing any valuable storage space.

Land Rover Defender JL subwoofer premium audio upgrade Land Rover Puma Style Focal Tweeter

The rear speakers are replaced with a pair of Focal custom fits to make sure the rear passengers share the enjoyment.

This system really has to be heard to be believed, so call now and arrange a demonstration of our Defender fitted with the Premium Audio Package and prepare to be amazed.

This system, fully fitted including all cables is just £1699 inc VAT, this includes a 2 year warranty, representing true value for money.

The system can be fitted in a day but is also available in kit form, please call for details.

Land Rover Defender Standard Audio Upgrade Package.

If you would like to upgrade your Defender audio system but didn’t want to go as far as the “Premium Audio Package” then take a look at the "Standard Audio Upgrade" featured below:

Component list:
Focal ES100K 4” mid and tweeter package (front components)
Pheonix Gold Compact active subwoofer
Ground Zero Rear coaxial replacement speakers

Using the same front speakers as our Premium Audio Package, the sound quality of this system is beautiful, it’s incredibly detailed and has remarkable definition, backed up by Alpine's SWE-1200 active subwoofer mounted to the rear of the cubby box to reinforce the bottom end. This is the same subwoofer supplied by Land Rover in their Defender Audio Upgrade, so it’s very well endorsed.

The front speakers in this system are driven from the factory head unit, in a later vehicle this will be the Alpine version, this is very well matched to the uprated speakers we install.

The cost of this system is just £999 inc VAT fully fitted with a 3 year warranty. If you don’t have the Alpine head unit, we can supply and install the latest version, from around £229 inc VAT giving USB, bluetooth streaming and full hands free connectivity.

Alpine SWE 1200 Defender Audiofile-Incar

As can be seen from the image above the Pheonix Gold Slimline Subwoofer sits perfectly on the rear of the cubby box with no loss of space. This system can be fitted in a day but is also available in kit form, please call for details.

Land Rover Defender Sound Proofing

As we are all aware our beloved Defender can be a noisy beast. This can of course be remedied but be aware of the online DIY kits that claim to solve the noise problems, there are no short cuts available. If you want to get the job done properly it’s a serious amount of work.

Noise enters the vehicle in many places, all of which need to be treated using several different methods to achieve the very best results.

The products we use are a combination of Dynamat Extreme and Skinz, both have long been known for their dedication to producing the most effective noise killing products on the market.

It takes around 2 full days for a complete sound proofing installation in a 90 and 3 days in a 110. Firstly the entire vehicle is stripped, including removing seats, door skins, mats, all trims, cubby box and head lining.

Next, all surfaces are cleaned and de-greased before they are treated with Dynamat Extreme and Skinz; that’s the entire floor pan, bulk head, seat box, inner arches, gear box tunnel, inner and outer door skins and the roof from front to back. It does not end there, we then apply a 6mm foam based product over the entire roof as a second layer of sound and heat insulation, also to the front floor sections, transmission tunnel rear arches and rear load area floor, all before the vehicle trim is carefully re-installed as if we had never been there.

The difference comes with the first drive! Customers have described the results as a “complete transformation”. As well as the reduction of wind and road noise, the 6mm insulation helps reduce heat loss from the roof, keeping the vehicle cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It also dramatically reduces the problem of condensation building up behind the headlining and causing it to sag; we have all seen this before.

90 with all the trim removed and the Dynamat Extreme having been applied to the metal surfaces 6mm foam insulation applied over the Dynamat Extreme to further reduce noise and insulate the roof, this makes an incredible difference

The picture on the left shows a 90 with all the trim removed and the Dynamat Extreme having been applied to the metal surfaces, the picture on the right shows the 6mm foam insulation applied over the Dynamat Extreme to further reduce noise and insulate the roof, this makes an incredible difference.

VIDEO Defender Sound Proofing, Step by Step

The cost to sound proof a 90 is £2499 and a 110 is £2799, this is fully fitted and including VAT.

We also offer a solution for the underside of the bonnet to keep out the winter frost and prevent paint fade due to engine heat as well as cutting down the engine noise. For this we use Hoodliner, another Dynamat product.

Puma bonnet sound proofed by another so called “specialist”. As you can see less than 35% of the surface area has been treated and the glue has failed so it’s pulling away from the surface making it completely ineffective, this product was only around 5mm in thickness same bonnet treated correctly with Hoodliner, this is 19mm thick with a heat reflecting foil surface making in extremely effective

The picture on the left shows a Puma bonnet sound proofed by another so called “specialist”. As you can see less than 35% of the surface area has been treated and the glue has failed so it’s pulling away from the surface making it completely ineffective, this product was only around 5mm in thickness. On the right is an image of the same bonnet treated correctly with Hoodliner, this is 19mm thick with a heat reflecting foil surface making in extremely effective.

This product can be supplied and fitted for as little as £329 inc VAT or is available in kit form, please call for details.

Land Rover split charge / twin battery upgrades.

If you are thinking about doing some serious winching or just want some auxiliary power for camping or working then a split charge system is ideal. A split charge system allows the installation of two batteries to the vehicle. The main battery runs the vehicle electrics as it would in a standard setup, the second battery, normally a deep cycle, runs the accessories, and is automatically connected when the vehicle is in a “charge” state. When the vehicle voltage drops the two batteries are isolated again.

We favour Optima Gel batteries as they are extremely rugged, extremely reliable and hugely powerful. They are neatly fitted in the original battery location using a custom mount system made by Devon 4x4.

The Split charge controller has a handy display showing the condition of each battery, as well as a link function, this allows for extra power when winching or jumpstarting as well as being able to start the vehicle from the second battery should the main battery somehow become discharged.

Land Rover Twin Optima D44 Batteries

This complete upgrade supplied and fitted costs from £999 inc VAT, call for further details.

Land Rover Defender Cruise Control

We now have an OE quality cruise control system for both the TD5 and the Puma platforms. This accessory can increase fuel economy as well as improve the driving experience on any long journey.

It has all the functions you would expect from a factory fitted system i.e. On/Off, Set, Resume, Accelerate and Decelerate. Installation takes around 2 hrs and the cost is £499 inc VAT fully fitted.

This is also available in kit form, please call for further details.

Land Rover Defender Cruise Control

Land Rover Defender Double Din Conversions, now with WIRELESS Apple CarPlay


Land Rover Defender Double Din Conversions

As can be seen from the image above, we custom finish the AUX panel on the left hand side to loose the circular bland which they are supplied with. The unit shown above is one of the latest Pioneer Sat-Nav systems, which gives among other features, WIRELESS Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Web-Link, DVD playback, DAB, Bluetooth and dual USB.

We also install a body mounted, active DAB / FM Antenna as standard. The custom dash panel can be supplied in gloss black, matt black or can be colour coded to the finish of your choice at an additional cost, we also customise the AUX panel to remove the unsightly circular gauge hole at the bottom that is normally seen.

We currently recommend the flagship Pioneer AVIC z930DAB, The fitted price of this complete conversion is £1899. If navigation is not required then we recomend the Alpine iLX705D or Pioneer z9200DAB at £1499 fully fitted.

We now have in stock the all new Stinger Heigh10 10" Carplay screen at £1599 fitted, this includes Wireless Apple Carplay and a Nakatanenga DAB / FM Antenna, this is also available as a DIY kit @ £1149 delivered.

Stinger Heigh 10 - 10" Apple Carplay Screen

Reverse cameras are available for all of our Sat-Nav products; these can either be fitted above the rear door, giving full rear view or above the tow bar hitch for easy trailer hook up, or both! We use only the highest quality, branded cameras giving reliability as well as quality even in the lowest of light levels. All components are available individually or as kits, call for further information.

Land Rover Defender Rear Entertainment System


Land Rover Defender Parking Sensors

If you are used to your creature comforts, such as parking sensors, then don’t worry, they are available for all Defender models.  We can offer fronts, rears or full front and rear systems. The systems we install are designed to withstand even the harshest environments your Defender may encounter.

Our Audiofile-Incar parking sensor systems are available in both audible only and with full visual displays, depending on your requirements. All front sensors are fitted with valet switches allowing them to be disabled when driving off road. The sensors are fitted discreetly under the rear cross member or front bumper.

The cost of front or rear sensors is £349 fitted, front and rear sensors are £649 fitted.

Land Rover Defender Parking Sensors

Land Rover Defender Panoramic Glass Conversion

This is a stunning conversion that will dramatically improve the look of any Defender.

The sliding side windows are removed and replaced with panoramic glass panels. These are bonded to the body of the vehicle to give an incredibly smooth appearance.  The rear quarter lights and the heated rear window are also replaced with matching smoked glass panels and these are actual smoked glass, not clear glass with window tint film. We also include a new hi-level brake light.

Land Rover Defender Panoramic Glass Conversion 

The glass we use is safety tested and approved. The conversion can also be carried out to van or commercial vehicles. Installation can normally be completed in a day. Please call for further information, prices start from £1499 fully fitted.

Lazer High Performance Lighting

There are literally thousands of LED light products on the market.  If you have played around with them you will have found most of them emit huge amounts of RF, interfering with radio reception and who knows what else in the vehicle. Most will never meet anything like their claimed life span and very few emit anything like their claimed output.

Lazer are a UK based company who have developed LED lighting products unrivalled on the market for rally, commercial, off road and all demanding applications. The build quality and performance are simply beyond anything we have ever seen before in our industry. All the lights now carry a 5 year warranty.

There are a range of products from the Triple R-24, 24 LED, 900mm long light bars to T2-R micro spot. Lazer also manufacture custom stainless steel grills for the Defender with in ST-4 full beam spot lights, as pictured below. This solution costs £849 inc VAT fully fitted. The full beam performance of the ST-4 is simply staggering.

Lazer High Performance Lighting

Lazer High Performance Lighting Lazer High Performance Lighting

If you require the ultimate in lighting then look no further than the Lazer Triple R-24, this is an incredible 24 LED monster light, we have this on our own V8 Defender (above) and the light output is frightening. All Lazer products can be fitted or supplied only, call for details and pricing.

Land Rover Defender Lighting

When upgrading the candle-like headlights on a Defender, we have found a full LED headlight replacement is a far better and more reliable option than Xenon upgrades.

Our LED headlight, made by Truck Lite, is completely sealed against moisture ingress and extremely durable, both high and low beam are full LED. They also have two centre LEDs which we can configure as either a DRLs or side lights. The LED headlights are completely road legal, unlike a Xenon upgrade which will now fail an MOT.  The fully fitted cost of the LED headlights are £849 inc VAT, this includes re-levelling.

We also recommend clear LED light packs.  This includes front side and indicator in original sizes as well as rear side, indicator, fog and reverse in the larger NAS style fittings.

The LED light kits give a much “sharper” look to the vehicle, they are also waterproof and don’t suffer from bulb failure. The reverse light gives a far superior output to the standard light, improving night-time visibility when maneuvering.  Complete kits cost £369 inc VAT fully fitted.

Audiofile - D44 Bumper with Lazer RS4

If you are looking for a DRL and a full beam solution then check out the image above, this shows the heavy duty, powder coated D44 front bumper incorporating a pair of Lazer Triple R 750 GEN 2 LED lights, this bumper is around twice the strength of a Land Rover bumper, it also has recovery hooks which not only look the part but can protect the front of the vehicle from unwanted parking bumps etc. The Triple R 750 GEN 2 lights have a row of LED`s that act as a DRL. When full beam is activated the four hi powered LED spots will turn night into day. The Lazer LED lights have a 5 year warranty to reflect their build quality and reliability. The bumper and Lazer Triple R 750 GEN 2`s can be supplied and fitted for £1099 inc VAT


Land Rover Defender Heated Front Screen and Mirrors.

If you don’t have an electrically heated front windscreen in your Defender then you know what a nightmare it can be in the winter. Available from the factory on later models, a heated front screen and all associated electrical components can be retro-fitted by us in a day for £649 using OEM switches for either Puma or TD5 style vehicles.

We can install electric front windows with OEM switches for £699 fully fitted

Heated mirrors can also be fitted to the Defender for added safety and convenience, this costs £349 fitted. 

Defender Security

If you still have the standard security fitted to the vehicle then its essential that this is beefed up. We recommend our immobiliser; this will make the Defender seriously difficult to steal and our system even protects your vehicle if your keys are stolen! Operation is simple and the system is incredibly reliable, fitted cost is just £349. Please call for further details.

Defender Puma  Air Conditioning

We are able to supply and fit air conditioning to the Puma Defender, using genuine switches and OEM condensor the conversion is extreemly effective and reliable, we will also replace the centre grill between the headlights to the factory air con version to allow for the full size condensor. This takes two full days to complete and the fitted cost is £3995 inc VAT.

The list of available accessories for the Defender is growing everyday, just get in touch and we can send you a full price list by return. We have massive experience of the Defender and take a great deal of pride in our workmanship. Feel free to call and discuss your requirements or ideas any time.

We have collected together a few videos of our completed builds, click the links below and enjoy!

Amazing Defender 110 just about to leave us after a full makeover

Defender Mods other than Hi Fi and Sat Nav Conversions

MUD3Y our Custom Built Ultimate Land Rover Defender 4.6 v8

The Ultimate Land Rover Defender

Defender Autobiography Soundproofing, Sat-Nav and Audio Upgrade

Another Stunning Audiofile Defender



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