Land Rover Discovery Sport Audio Upgrade

Land Rover Discovery Sport Audio Upgrade

Land Rover Discovery Sport Audio Upgrade

The Discovery Sport released in 2016 is yet another extremely competent 4x4 built by Land Rover, this vehicle is absolutely brimming with features and the latest technology.

There are several audio options from the factory, so how is it that Land Rover got it so badly wrong? If you have listened to any of the audio systems in this car you will know that the sound up front is muddled, muffled, completely un-involving and worse still the door panels vibrate and rattle they belong in transit van that’s covered a million miles.

Thankfully all these issues can be resolved and the Land Rover Discovery Sport can be upgraded to have a great sounding Hi-Fi without any visible change.

The first thing we do is to address the door panel vibration / resonance. This is achieved by applying a product known as Dynamat Extreme, it’s a light weight, heat reflective, sound proofing material. This is a relatively time consuming process, we treat the inner front doors as well as the door panels themselves.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Audio Upgrade Panel Vibration Audiofile Incar

The image above shows the Dynamat Extreme applied to the back of the door card, this not only stops resonance and improves sound quality but it will also reduce road noise.

We then install the new front speakers, these are Audison Voce 6” speakers with a component tweeter. The new speakers are all hidden behind the factory grills so it’s a completely factory look.

The new speakers are mounted on solid baffles which we design to seal against the newly sound proofed door panel. All together this creates a much better environment for a speaker to perform in.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Audison Voce Audio Upgrade Audiofile Incar

The image above shows the Audison Voce K6 woofer mounted on a solid baffle in the door, as you can see we go to great lengths to ensure the speaker is properly sealed. All of the cabling we add to the door in loomed in the same harness tape used by the manufacture, this is to ensure reliability and again reduce any potential for rattles.

We then add an Audison Prima amplifier which is hidden away next to the factory amp.

This is a very clever and efficient amplifier, it’s a Class D, multi-channel and has a in-built digital processor.

A second Class D amplifier is then used to drive either the factory subwoofer (located behind the right hand side boot panel) or if your vehicle does not have the factory subwoofer we will install one.

The digital processor, within the amplifier allows us to take the audio from the factory system and completely re-shape the sound. We are able to time align the front speakers system and subwoofer, this has the most amazing effect lifting the sound and projecting it forward as if you were enjoying a live music performance.

Using a lap top we can then quite literally “tune” the system to the vehicle. The results are quite simply stunning, this is an incredible upgrade which will transform you driving experience. Cristal clear hi`s, lots of detail and a well-balanced bass output.

It takes two days to complete the installation and tune the Land Rover Discovery Sport Premium Audio Upgrade, we have several courtesy cars available and we are also situated close to Bishops Stortford main line station if you prefer the train.

We give our audio upgrades a full 3-year warranty for complete piece of mind and when the install is complete there is no visible evidence of the upgrade.

The total fitted cost is £1899 including VAT.

The additional cost of the subwoofer if your vehicle does not have one is £179 including VAT.

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