Thinkware Dash Cam

Thinkware Dash Cameras

We have been installing dash cameras since the very first products where released, its now a really big market and can be very confusing as there are a lot of brands to choose from as well as a mountain of specifications / resolutions etc.

Having had a vast experience of the products available we firmly believe that Thinkware offer the very best cameras in terms of quality, reliability and performance. We began installing Thinkware cameras in 2017 and within a short period of time dropped all other brands in favour of the Thinkware cameras.

The three main cameras we use from the range are the F770, the Q800 Pro and the U1000. All are available in just front or front and rear packages. These are all designed for internal use, normally the front camera will be installed just above the rear view mirror (within the swept area of the wipers) The rear camera will be mounted in the rear of the car looking out of the rear window. Front and rear camera systems will typically take between 1.5 and 3.5 hours to install, depending on the vehicle. Typically a forward facing camera will take under an hour to install.

We also have a Thinkware camera, F200 which can be installed with an external camera, this can be used on trucks, tippers, etc.

All of these cameras offer a feature we call "true parking mode" This means when you leave your vehicle the cameras will continue to record in one of several energy saving modes for a pre-determined amount of time (generally 3 - 6hrs), they will also monitor your battery voltage and shut down when necessary to prevent battery drain.

We also have an option for an auxiliary battery, the "I Volt". This will enable parking mode recording of up to 16hrs, please contact us for further details.

All the cameras also all have built in wi-fi, this means they can be set up and controlled using an App on a smart device, you can also download footage direct to your smart device meaning its not necessary to fiddle around with a tiny memory card should an incident occur.

The Thinkware dash cameras also have built in speed camera warnings, and forward collision warning (model dependent) These features are all controlled via the app.

The product line up will start with a F770 forward facing camera from just £273 fully fitted and that's properly fitted and fully set up. The cost of front and rear packages vary from vehicle to vehicle so please get in touch or pop in for exact pricing.


 Thinkware Dash Cam

The Q800 Pro features a 2k Full HD front-facing camera and an optional 1080p Full HD rear-facing camera, this is our most popular camera.

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